Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Trip to New Jersey

We went to NJ over Memorial Day Weekend (Mark got a 4-day weekend!). We've been wanting to get up to see his Grandmother and Aunt&Uncle. It was wonderful to finally spend some time with them. Last time we visited, I was barely pregnant with Graeme (in fact, I didn't know that I was pregnant yet, but kept feeling nauseous and ate like crazy LOL!)

Cole spent several naps like this:

Great Grandmother

Graeme has obviously missed our piano, and gave us several very nice "recitals". (Actually, he really does already have a nice touch - he doesn't bang.)

Went to the park several times

This is one of my all-time favorites of Graeme.

Isn't this too cute?

Graeme, always ready for a comfy lap and a good read.

Aunt and Uncle with the boys


Myra said...

Wonderful pictures, Amanda! I'm glad you got to get away for the holiday!

Nikki said...

Your boys are really growing up! I cannot believe it's almost been a year since I've seen Graeme, and I've never seen Cole.

Laura said...

How fun! I wish we could have been there with you. :)