Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogs 'n things

I admire you bloggers out there that are able to keep up with posting, faithful and consistent. I've been silent this week, and rather unmotivated to blog anything much. I did promise to post a few more on Extended Breastfeeding, but just haven't taken the time to sit down and write them.

We have been busy! Beautiful weather, no lap-top (so just my upstairs computer - and we are so infrequently upstairs), dinner at the General's house (for TBS wives - it was neat!), a toddler teething (Graeme's molars are making their appearance, but they really bother him during the wee hours of the morning...sigh), and getting ready for a yard sale on Saturday. All these things do not add up for much blogging.

However, I can give much thanks to the Lord for continuing to change my heart and causing me to find joy in my home and ministering to my family during these busy and sometimes tiring times. (Not to say that I'm always joyful about it ;) I've purposed to be better this week about cleaning the kitchen, getting to bed earlier, and in general, allowing my household to have some sort of rhythm. It's been a good week in that way.

I have been reading some of your blogs here and there, just not much posting. And for those that are waiting for new pictures, I've gotten some good ones, and will try to get them up sometime this weekend!


barefoot in gitchigumee said...

I had a few weeks like that,and am dipping my fingers in again. Keep us posted though, I like to hear from you every now and again! xoj

Desiree Fawn said...

it can be hard to keep up, be we admire your effort ^_^

IF said...

HI Amanda, I too am struggling with blog inspiration! I would love to post pics all of the time but I don't have time and the weather is so pretty. A devotion I read the other day meant so much to me. I really need to type it up! I love it when you have a post!! Have a great afternoon!

Alison @ Hospitality Haven said...

Thanks for posting. :) Glad to hear that you've been finding time to do other things!! This is important. :) Bless you!