Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lots of new pics!

Here's a slideshow with recent pics from our Air and Space Museum trip.

Also is one of our new playroom rug (seen here in our living room surrounded by my attempt to organize our toys).

Graeme was helping me sort the toys, and created the very neat line you'll see of vehicles - notice that they are all facing the same direction. He is quite particular about such things, it makes me laugh!

And Cole is teething - don't you love the classic "ooh, cold!" face? I gave him a cold washcloth, and thankfully had the camera out for once ;-) He's almost able to sit by himself and is scooting all over - no crawling yet, but my guess is before we move!

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Laura said...

The pictures are so good! I can't believe how big Cole looks in them.