Friday, May 15, 2009

Celebrate how small

On our meander through the neighborhood yesterday, we ran into several of the babies that are around Cole's age. The general conversation usually begins by one of us parents commenting on how big the other's baby is getting - "Wow, he's grown so much since I last saw him!" or "How much does she weigh now?" Then we comment on how fast time has flown, that they are already 6 months old or whatever. How big they are getting! How soon they will be riding tricycles or going down the slide!

But tonight, as my son's teeny hand gripped my thumb and he drifted off to sleep, I marveled at how small he is. What an amazing thing God has done to create a being in his image in such a tiny package. How quickly he will be a man - before I can blink, almost - and his hand probably larger than mine will do all sorts of incredible things.

So tonight, son, I celebrate how small you are. Small enough to yet cuddle in my arms, nurse you to sleep, and cradle you close to me.


Desiree Fawn said...

Oh I love these moments. I can't believe that Gretchen is already 15 weeks old.
Give that little one a million snuggles while he's still small!

Myra said...

Sweet post Amanda! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!