Saturday, April 17, 2010

a poem and some news

The News:

I'll be moving blogs in the very near future. I've done a lot of thinking about blogging, and have a different direction I'd like to go, which will be reflected in the new blog. I enjoy writing and journaling a lot, and this blog is kind of stuck in a rut. So I'm going to go more towards the journaling side of blogging, though I'll be including plenty of pictures and recipes still - it's unavoidable ;-)

So stick with me. Stay tuned. I've already got the new blog up, but have some tweaking to do before I'm ready to announce it.

And the Poem:
Trust me, not the greatest. It's been awhile since Poem Composition 101. But I literally composed this one day while taking a shower, and thought it fairly quaint and descriptive. It made me laugh as I made it up - hope it makes you laugh, too!

An Ode to Laundry

Laundry, will you never end?
I'd really like to be your friend!
To you I ever try to be
faithful; but, as you can see,
I fail in that - most miserably.

I guess I could see this as my chance
(while ironing shirt and folding pants)
to learn lessons of patience, discipline, grace;
of everything having its own place;
of making sure my house isn't a disgrace.

All of these, sure, are possibilities.
But, Laundry, I don't mind saying: "Please,
(and I pause, with a bright, persausive smile)
"Could you, just every once-in-a-while
go rest in someone else's pile?"