Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Gratituesday: smells

Smells? That's a funny thing to be thankful for. But I'm sitting here smelling a few things that cause me to be grateful to my Heavenly Father.

Brown rice
is cooking on the stove for some homemade bread. I'm so thankful for the grains I was able to get a few weeks ago from Quail Cove Farms, and I'm thankful for all that I've learned in the past few years about making healthy, homemade bread for my family.

Baby head is such a sweet smell. I put a bit of coconut oil on Cole's head every day to help with cradle cap (the only thing I've found that works at all, by the way!) - and his head is so soft and has that sweet-baby smell. Mmm. When I need to be reminded to be content, I just cuddle my baby and smell him!

Diapers stink. And I won't get too graphic on that smell that I'm smelling right now (Graeme needs a diaper change after I'm done with this!). However, it reminds me how grateful I am to be cloth-diapering. I'm glad we're starting to really see the savings, now that Cole is using the diapers I had for Graeme.

My new dryer balls smell like lavender-vanilla. If you're not familiar with dryer balls, they help cut-down on drying time, and so far in my experience with them, they also seem to make the clothes softer and have fewer wrinkles. We can't use dryer sheets (they leave a residue that causes diapers to repel liquid - not a good thing), so these have been a neat thing to use. I'm thankful for them.

Are there any smells that you love around your house?

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Sarah said...

Mmm smells. I need to go and sniff around my house and enjoy the smells I take for granted.