Monday, March 16, 2009


I thought I'd post a slideshow instead of pictures, because I have so many stored up to share! I feel so technologically advanced - this is my first slideshow LOL!

The first two pictures are an example of Graeme's creative playing: he turned our stacking blocks into a choo-choo train, which he then pushed across the room to our table, which became the tunnel!

Then we have Mark reading books to the was cute!

After that are pictures of the boys with their Nana (my grandma!)

Graeme is helping Nonnie (my mom) drive - one of his all-time favorite activities.

And Cole does so many cute things - laughing, cooing, rolling over, trying to "eat" his feet...

Oh, and the one strange picture of food is my first order from Quail Cove Farms, a northern Virginia organic farm. Chicken, grains, butter, organic potatoes and turnips...I was so excited to get it all, I had to take a picture :-D


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Laura said...

Great pictures!