Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Why I don't use The Pill

Birth Control Pill Causes Abortions

I didn't know this until several months after we were married...I actually started doing a bit of research after experiencing several negative side effects of the Pill. I read this little book by Sam and Bethany Torode. (To note, there are some controversial aspects they bring up in their book, but it's worth reading, regardless of whether you end up necessarily agreeing with everything or not). That was the beginning of a long journey (yes, and two children later LOL ;) that the Lord has been taking us on towards embracing His will regarding our conception.

"Does the Birth Control Pill Cause Abortions?"

Here's what 11 physicians and medical professionals are saying about the book Randy Alcorn published in 1998:

1. "From medical textbooks and pharmacy references, to statements from the Pill-manufacturers themselves, this book proves, beyond any doubt, the abortion-causing action of birth control pills. This book should be read by everyone interested in knowing the truth."

~ Paul L. Hayes, M.D., Board Certified Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians/Gynecologists

2. "Does the birth control pill cause abortions? Using research results from medical literature, Randy Alcorn has convincingly shown that the answer is `yes.' He has, with care and compassion, given us the truth. The question for us as Christians is how we will respond now that we know."

~ Linda Martin, M.D., Pediatrician

4. "In this challenging book Randy Alcorn has the honesty to face a tough and uncomfortable question. This compelling evidence will make you rethink the question of birth control pills."

~ John Brose, M.D., Surgeon

5. "In this impeccably researched book, Randy Alcorn takes an unblinking look at what medical experts know about how birth control pills work. I painfully agree that birth control pills do in fact cause abortions. Our individual and collective Christian response to this heretofore varnished-over information will have profound consequences for time and eternity. This is a disturbing must-read for all who profess to be prolife."

~ Beverly A. McMillan, M.D., Ob/Gyn

7. "No prolife physician can rightly prescribe BCPs [birth control pills] after reviewing this data. I have started circulating this information."

~ Randall Martin, M.D., Chairman, Department of Anesthesiology, Columbia Willamette Valley Medical Center

8. "Scientific papers suggest that escape ovulation occurs 4-15% of all cycles in patients taking birth control pills. Thus, as this booklet points out, early chemical abortions are a real and significant concern."

~ Paddy Jim Baggot, M.D., Ob/Gyn, Fellow of the American College of Medical Genetics

I can elaborate on what we believe, etc, in another post, but I wanted to put this information out there, in my own "little corner" of the blogging sphere...I was so thankful to become informed on this. The Body of Christ is surprisingly silent on this issue, at least the churches and groups that I've been a part of. We are extremely vocal about abortion. Why not about The Pill?


IF said...
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IF said...

Hello Amanda, Thank you for the info. I have issues with many combination pills that if the egg is released and is fertilized it causes an enviroment where it can't attach.

I remember thinking I was pregnant in July of 07 in Poland (when I was breastfeeding Izabella) and passing a test and going to the doctor a few days later but nothing was on the sonogram. I ended up having a period. That particular doctor thought that I should be on a pill. I wouldn't want two babies so close in age. She tried to discourage having another baby, etc. I told her no way, espeically since I was still breastfeeding! She thought I was nuts but anyways, The very next month, I got pregnant with Olivia! If I had taken a pill, Olivia, my little Olivia would not be here!

Myra said...

Awesome post, Amanda!! I'm in full agreement!

Jon and Lacey said...

Hi Amanda,
I agree that several "birth control" pills do allow abortion, specifically the ones that allow egg release but not attachment, or the "morning after" pills. As a christian, I am against abortion at any stage of life.

However, many advancements have been made, and there are pills now that keep ovulation from ever happening, so no eggs are fertilized. This has been a great option for us, as I have physical problems and it would not be wise for us to get pregnant again.

Some christians have convictions against using any kind of birth control at all, which I respect as well.

Just thought I'd put that info out there. Thanks for the post and for sharing your thoughts :)

Amanda said...

Ivy - Neat story! Breastfeeding is another reason I don't use hormonal birth control right now as well - and I just don't like the idea of something manipulating my hormones. That's funny that the doctor actually told you that you wouldn't want children so close in age! Did you have a health reason, or was that her opinion?

Lacey - I'm glad to know there are options that don't include abortion. I asked one of the OBs about that after this last birth, and she told me that "none of the pills cause abortion" - so I didn't really trust her advice, KWIM? I haven't bothered to research it more b/c I'm bf'ing. Thanks for commenting! Would the ovluation-repressing ones be estrogen-only, then? Or progesterone-only? I guess I could just Google it LOL!

Laura said...


I've often wondered why the church chooses to ignore this too. It's very sad, and I think that a lot of couples have no idea because they have not looked into it at all. Thanks for posting this...I'm with you!

We're are one of those non-birth control couples that Lacey referred to (as I'm sure you's pretty obvious!). I appreciate the fact that everyone here has there informed opinion/conviction, but at the same time can respect that everyone else does too. Some of these hot topic blog discussions can get downright nasty, and it's refreshing to be involved in one that isn't!

Lisa said...

wow! thank you so much for sharing, my husband and i just had our third child and has felt God telling us to stop using BCPs

I asked my OB and she looked at me as if i was speaking greek she totally disagreed then i felt God s tug and did my own research and sure enough that is what I found

it is just so reassuring to hear you also believe this with doctors saying this as well b/k there is really no one here that thinks we are doing the right thing they actually think that we are being very irresponsible.

So thank you, and God Bless.

Amanda said...

Lisa - it sure can be difficult when you feel like you're in the minority! In general, I find most doctors I've talked to about some of our non-mainstream choices (not vaccinating, not using birth control) seem to have one opinion, and that's that. And they often act as though we are performing a crime to actually *disagree* with a doctor! Anyhow, it's really important to be your own advocate and research these things yourself.