Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rainy Day Thoughts

I'm not sure why, but I just haven't felt like posting on the blog this week. Not because we haven't been busy - we have. Not because I haven't had a lot on my mind - I have. So, here's what we've been doing, and here's what I've been thinking about, in no particular order!

We walked to the library yesterday. I think it's about 2 miles one-way. It was a long walk, but boy, was it fun to have a trip for the afternoon. Hey, when the car doesn't work, use your feet!

I really struggled with feeling down during the first half of this week...maybe because Mark spent the whole weekend writing an order, so we kinda had to hang out on our own.

I'm so thankful God doesn't leave us in our sin for long - He awakened me to my inward focus and turned me to the Cross, where I saw that Jesus suffered in my place so that I might have life, and have it more abundantly in Him.

We made a card for Grandma and Grandpa (their birthdays are this weekend). Used lots of glue and stamps (Graeme loves stamps these days).

God knocked on the door of my heart last night, to remind me about what I am doing and why it is so important. While reading the introduction online to the Hughes' book, Disciplines of a Godly Family, I saw again that I am about a "great business" each day. Though there are certainly a multitude of mundane tasks, I have the delightful privilege to teach my children about God, whether we sweep the floors, read books, or empty the dishwasher. As Robert Dabney wrote long ago:

The education of children for God is the most important business
done on earth. It is the one business for which the earth
exists. To it all politics, all war, all literature, all money making
ought to be subordinated; and every parent especially ought to
feel, every hour of the day, that next to making his own calling
and election sure, this is the end for which he is kept alive by
God — this is his task on earth.

After reading this post by Kelly, I listened to the series of messages on YouTube by Mary Kassian. What an excellent, timely overview of what's happened to woman over the past century. It gave me fresh hope and a desire to embrace God's design for my life.

So that's a bit of what's been on my mind and what we've been up to. How are you doing? What's going on in your lives this week, readers?


Laura said...

What a great quote! So true and convicting...a good motivator to cut out a lot of unnecessary stuff.

Laura said...

Ooh, I like your new blog layout! Did you do it yourself? I've been wanting something new, but I have no idea how to do it, and Blogger's templates aren't so interesting.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Laura! I'll do a post on my new layout and where I got it...I've been wanting to do something for awhile, too, and happened to stumble across how to do it! I'll probably post it in the next few days :)