Thursday, January 29, 2009

Some helpful links for mommas :-)

A neat article on scheduling from a momma with 11 children :-) I found lots of great ideas, and was inspired by a godly woman's advice...I'm still working my way through the article!
Tips on Making it through a Day without going insane!

I'm working on learning how to "coupon" to save more money. Then I'm going to try to see if CVS/Walgreens can work for me!
I found this article so helpful because it organized 7 steps to learning how to do all this, along with what the author felt were the most helpful articles on each step...saves a lot of digging around!
Shopping with Coupons: A Beginner's Guide to Saving


Nikki said...

Those are great links! Thanks for sharing them.

Alyssa said...

The first article was great. As was what you shared about the word "love" in Titus. It was a good reminder that the husband/wife relationship is central (after God, of course) and really helps the children be even more secure. Isn't it a constant battle to not be child-centered!!!?
Praying for you.