Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cole's 2 months pictures...and some of Graeme too :)

Finally having a chance to upload some pictures today! :) These aren't fabulous, but at least they're updates....I know the last one of Cole is blurry, but of course, the only picture I got of him smiling was blurry. He's sharing many smiles, cooing a lot, holding his head up for fairly long stretches, and discovering his fists - he even hits his toys on the playmat sometimes. It seems to surprise him and then he wants to try to do it again :-)

It was finally warm enough to take a walk yesterday. The double stroller was nice, though I don't have the hang of the fixed frint wheel yet.

Graeme has yet another cold! I knew he had to get some sometime, since the average toddler gets like 5-8 colds a year...we were due for some! But I hope this one does not last 2 weeks.

We have pediatrician appointments on Friday, so next weekend I'll post updated weights and lengths :)


barefoot in gitchigumee said...

AH! are they not just beautiful! I love Coles cheeks! ha, to cute, cannot stand it...really, lovely, you guys make pretty babies lol! j

Laura said...

Great pictures! I like Graeme's hat...and Cole's too. :)