Friday, January 30, 2009

Graeme's Snow Day

Wednesday was our third "snow day" - roads not so great, too cold to go outside, Graeme had a we needed some creative ideas to keep us all busy (and happy!). Nonnie (my Mom) had some good suggestions. So here's a photo story of "Graeme's Snow Day":

First we whipped up some cookie dough to make cookies later. Graeme's favorite part? Licking the spoon of course!

After that, I brought the snow inside! It was more like ice at this point, but we had fun: eating it, making balls, throwing them in the bowl, saying "coooooold"....and of course, constructing a "mo-man"!

Graeme took a nap and then we were ready to cut the cookies out to bake and decorate. Momma is not the greatest icing color creator (yet). The colors were, shall we say...bright and creative! Oh well. They still taste good. Whenever I say "smile" and point the camera at Graeme, that's what I get - a huge grin :-D

Along with chores, cleaning up our mess, and taking care of Cole, that was our snow day!

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seamwrite said...

Well done, Super Momma!