Friday, January 30, 2009

The boys' statistics...and the cutest picture ever!

Cole's 2 month statistics: Height - 24" (80%) Weight - 12lb. 10oz. (75%)

Graeme's 22 month statistics: Height - 33 3/4" (50%) Weight - 26lb. 15oz. (45%)

The pediatrician was wonderful! Didn't blink an eye about our delaying vaccinations - just had me sign the consent form. She said they both look very healthy. Graeme was extremely traumatized by the thermometer in his would have been funny, except I felt so badly for the poor boy. Cole was just a charmer! Both boys were brave and sweet, as I know they are :-) We arrived 30 minutes early, and it's a good thing, because Cole apparently desperately needed more milk, then he pooped out the diaper. So imagine me in the passenger's seat of the car, with Graeme in the driver's seat "driving" (pretending, of course), a very long baby in my lap with poop all over his clothes...ah, these are the days I will look back and long for in just a few years ;-)

Now for the cutest picture EVER! I asked Graeme to kiss baby Cole. He loves to kiss us all, but he is very gentle with Cole. Probably because I'm constantly warning him to "be gentle". I guess I better get over that LOL! Two active boys aren't going to be tip-toeing around like little ladies I guess ha! Here are my sweet boys.


barefoot in gitchigumee said...

yes indeed very cute!

seamwrite said...

Gotta have that one! Please send me the .jpg file by e-mail. You captured a very special moment, there. Love you, Mom

Rosie said...

Oh, so very cute and sweet. I remember days getting four children 6 and under in their carseats in a very old car that was hard to buckle car seats in and going to the grocery store, (sometimes having to change a poopy diaper first.) and toting those heavy carseats around. Sometimes, by the time we got out of the house, it would be almost lunch time, so I'd have to stop and make sandwiches to take. Once, when we were buckling four carseats, my husband said, "How could we ever have more kids!?" Funny thing is, they grew out of their carseats. Now we just say "load up" and the older ones buckle the younger ones in. It's sometimes hard, but very fun! God bless

Laura said...

That is a great picture! :) Graeme looks like he's a very gentle and loving brother.