Monday, February 9, 2009

Menu Plan 2/9 - 2/14 (Homemade Chicken Stock Week!)

I just put my Homemade Chicken Stock in the crockpot, and several of my meals will be based on that. I'm using a 4.5lb whole chicken (as opposed to the half in the recipe) that will last us for 3-4 meals. I couldn't pay $16 for a free-range chicken at the grocery store, so I settled for the regular $5 - soon, I hope to have located a farm to get free-range chickens from :)

Monday - Chicken and Biscuit Casserole (w/ corn instead of peas) and fresh fruit salad

Tuesday - Stuffed Green Peppers (with 1/2 sausage to replace 1/2 grd. beef)

Wednesday - Chicken Chow Mein

Thursday - Spaghetti with homemade foccacia and salad

Friday - Chicken and Turkey Sausage soup with homemade whole wheat bread

Saturday - leftovers (and then I'm fixing a surprise for Mark for Valentine's Day...more on that in a future post!)

For more menu planning ideas, visit Laura@OrganizingJunkie.

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Cottage Smallholder said...

Thanks for the link! Hope that the recipe worked well for you.