Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Babywearing 101: why every momma should try it, and resources to help

I didn't start using a baby carrier with my first son until he was 4 months old, simply because I didn't know about them. Rather quickly, I discovered what an asset they were! Our first trip through an airport was actually enjoyable. We could "pop in" to the store quickly and conveniently. Teaching piano lessons while soothing a fussy infant became possible.

I'm here to tell you that, regardless of your "style" of parenting, babywearing has something to offer you. I thought I'd share a few resources to help you along.

Why try it?
There is a nice chart here, and a concise 10 reasons here.

My reason is simple: it's a two-fur ("two for the price of one")! My baby is soothed while I get things done.

What kind do I get?
Almost anyone who wears their baby for awhile ends up getting more than one type of carrier, so don't sweat it too much. has a wonderful summary to walk you through the different types.

I have discovered that I like different carriers for different purposes. I would suggest going to the Peppermint link, look at the differences, assess what (outings, around the house) and who (baby or toddler) you will use the carrier for, and once you've narrowed it down, go with what you gravitate towards.

Right now, I own a Maya Ringsling, a linen Kalea Ringsling (I like ringslings right now!), a New Native pouch (like these for older babies), a Beco Butterfly (comfy for longer outings, especially once they get beyond 20lbs or so), and I had a Moby Wrap with my first son.

Wow, they are expensive!

Yes! You may be hesitant to invest in a carrier if you have not used one before. What if you decide you don't like it?

Fortunately, baby carriers have a great resale value. You can buy/sell/trade on several forums including:


Many of my carriers were purchased (and sold LOL!) through the forums on TBW and DS. You do have to have a minimum # of posts in order to list things for sale, but you can purchase items regardless, though it helps to have links to positive feedback on Ebay or some other b/s/t place.

As I finish writing this post, my son is laying in my lap in a ringsling. Yesterday I got an hour's worth of cleaning and picking-up while the baby slept in the Beco. When I was pregnant with baby #2, my toddler would ride on my hip (yes, preggo belly and all!) while we popped in to the grocery store for milk.

I'm so glad babywearing has come such a long way in the past 10 years or so. It's "hip" to wear your baby! But more importantly, it's a wonderful way to bond while having your hands free to do what you need to get done. It works for me!


Jeni said...

Thanks for sharing all those links! I'm expecting #2 in 3 months, and planning to wear him quite a bit. I didn't wear my daughter, but I wish I had!

Berji's domain said...

I wore my daughter all the time when grocery shopping. I was given two mei tais when she was born. One was great for hiking with the wee bitty girl and the other was good for everyday use.I found it so much easier to pop her in the mei tai than lug the infant car seat around!

Laura said...

I love my Ergo! Adam gave me the infant insert for Christmas, so I'm able to use it with Noah right now, which is great. Have you ever played the piano while baby-wearing? I keep Noah with me during choir rehearsal, and sometimes he's not too happy in his car seat (and I'm not too happy about lugging it around, or about passing him around the choir when he's fussy). I may try wearing him tonight to see if I can do it.

Amanda said...

Berj's - Isn't it SO much easier than those car seats?!

Laura - I did wear Graeme a bit while playing...esp. when I was teaching. Did you try it? I'd love to know how it went. I would think the back carry would be less of a hassle while playing, but I have yet to try a back carry.

Anonymous said...

I love my ring sling! My first didn't care for being worn - such an independent little guy from the get go. My baby girl, though, wants to be held every moment of the day and I'd never get a thing done without my trusty ring sling!

Linda said...

I used a snugli sometimes with my 4 of mine. Then for the last 2 I had a sling, and LOVED it! I couldn't do too much while wearing them, though. I guess that's from being short and having short arms! lol
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