Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Our beach trip

We took a trip to the beach over Memorial Day weekend with Mark's family (parents, his sister and brother's families). Saw Andrew, our little nephew, for the first time. It was so nice to spend several days relaxing at the beach.

It was sad, too, because it was our last weekend together for 10 weeks, as Mark left for Quantico, VA on Wednesday after we got back. I'm glad we have some happy memories (and pictures) to hold on to until Daddy gets back. Here are some of my favorite pics!

Esther, Hannah, Graeme and I spent a lot of time playing in the sand!

These two in their matching sunglasses were too funny. I was amazed Graeme kept his on so long! He actually seemed to enjoy wearing them.
This is a better picture of Graeme - at least he looked at the camera this time.


IF said...

Your blog is great! :) I love seeing pictures and how fast your little fellow is growing!! He is so cute! Thank you for the link. :)

Laura said...

I like your layout! And isn't that the neatest baby ticker? I think yours definitely looks like a girl. :)

Great pictures! I'm glad we have so many good beach pictures, but it makes me kind of sad that I didn't feel like doing anything while we were there. I had so much fun playing with the kids last year and all I wanted to do this year was lay on the blanket. Oh well, at least they had fun with Adam, you and Uncle Mark, Uncle Brian and Aunt Alyssa!

Graeme and Hannah crack me up in those shades. :)