Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Graeme's Diaries 5/28-6/3

I'm going to try to do a weekly re-count of Graeme's development :-)

This week was a busy one for our little man! Last Tuesday he was walking, but only for a certain # of steps or with help. Today he is almost completely independent. In fact, I don't think he's crawled at all today, or at least not enough that I can remember. He LOVES to walk! When I was teaching a piano lesson this afternoon, he did "laps" around the room about 3-4 times. It was funny.

His molars *still* haven't broken through the skin. But they don't seem to be causing pain like they were a few weeks ago, so I don't know what's up with that.

His favorite toys this week: the set of stacking blocks by Melissa and Doug that Great-Grandma in Atlanta gave him (he loves to take them out and stack them up and knock them down...); his rocket (still! LOL! He practically runs around the room with that thing. And he is quite impressive with his steering abilities. He can do a 180 in about 2 seconds.); the sorter continues to be a fascination, though less so than a few weeks ago.

A new skill (well, almost): I've been teaching him the "where" sign (holding out your hands and looking questioning while you say "where is it?") - I'll put a little block inside one of the big blocks, hide it, and ask "Where is it?" He started mimicking me with his hands, which is SOOOO cute. But the thing is, he doesn't quite get what it means, because he now does it whenever we play with the blocks. He'll put a block on top of another one, go "where is it?" with his hands, then take it off and go "where is it?" LOL! It makes me laugh. He'll get it though, we'll see if he has it by next week.

Foods -
Loves: applesauce, yogurt (I mix oatmeal with it for extra protein), graham crackers, baked beans!
Likes a lot: blueberries, cheese, baked potato, orange, organic cheese-crackers, pretty much any fruit if it is mixed with something.
Tolerates: carrots mixed with something, cottage cheese, a bite of bagel or bread with cream cheese on it
Didn't like so much: peanut butter, corn, chicken, veggies (ACK!)

Fortunately, the little tantrums he was developing at the beach have dissipated - I'm not sure if those were related to being out-of-his-environment, teething, being extra-tired...IDK. He'll get frustrated, yes, but as long as I am proactive and careful to read what he needs (to work it out, get a hug, be distracted) we're fine!

Oh, he's kind of possessive about Poco's toys lately. He gets upset when Poco plays with his own toys!! Graeme will have the toy in his hand, waving it around and tossing it, then Poco of course gets it and starts chewing or whatever, and Graeme starts fussing like Poco shouldn't be doing that. For the most part, I've been letting them "work it out" together :-D Poco's favorite past-time is hanging around when Graeme is snacking and waiting for him to drop something. That doesn't make Graeme happy either. I have yet to figure out a perfect solution for that issue.

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