Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Just some Graeme notes tonight

Last night, we lay on the bed together before putting him down and looked through a nighttime song book - and he actually looked at the pages while I sang some of the songs. It was a really sweet time - could have lasted 15 more minutes for me! As it was, it was probably like 10 minutes that we lay there together. That's the first time he's ever done that.

Dinner tonight: he ate a whole bowl of peas mixed with applesauce! That's a first! Woo-hoo! A vegetable!!!!!

He ate a lot today, actually - I'm trying to up his daytime calories to help night-wean. We're going to start working on that soon, as I'd like him to be night-weaned by the time #2 arrives...actually a little early would be great LOL! I've been reading about how to do that, and one of the suggestions is to set a time-limit on when you will not nurse - I think we're going to try me nursing him before I go to bed (11pm) and then no nursing until 4/5 am - we'll see how that works. I'm kinda nervous doing it on my own - it'd definitely be a lot easier with Mark here, but on the other hand, it would be nice to have him night-weaned by the time Mark gets we'll at least try :) Now that he is enjoying solid foods, I feel more comfortable that he can "make it" without the calories of the night-nursing. My milk supply seems to be cutting back gradually anyway, so he's been naturally eating more during the day. Wish us luck! :)

Okay, and some super-cute pictures from yesterday - one of Graeme's favorite activities is playing with the hose in the backyard!


Laura said...

Those pictures are really cute! I just tagged you on my blog. :)

IF said...

He is so cute!! :) That is great for him to eat some Peas! They used to be Iza's favorite food but now she won't touch them. Her new favorite is corn.