Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My kids are super cute.

Family News:

Cole is over 4 months old! Sitting in the Bumbo now for a good stretch of time, he enjoys watching his big brother, blowing bubbles with his lips, giggling (we found tickles last week!), sitting in Momma's sling, and he's enjoying his exersaucer now, too. Busy boy the past few weeks!

Speaking of busy boys, Graeme's language is TAKING OFF!!!! It's absolutely amazing. He's trying pretty much any word I say that he hasn't said yet...AND, he's forming phrases and short sentences. "Basketball hoop", "silly mama", "poco potty?", and my favorite, "Daddy, Mama, Graeme, baby, poco"...he'll often chant that, as though he enjoys that he can recite our entire family :)

He can count, too - 1 to 10, he not only recognizes the numbers (he has for a few months now) but just this last week, he recites all of them! When we go check the mailbox (they are numbered from 1-20) he likes to stop and recite 1-10.

Mark is busy blowing up things and writing orders. Sorry this video is sideways, but we can't figure out how to get it upright. We had a wonderful long-weekend with him home (with no orders to write), which was just delightful.

I am busy cooking, learning, cleaning the house, lovin' on the boys, and researching some things I want to work on over the next few weeks (sourdough starter, soaking grains, handmade gifts for Mother's Day, more real-food-based recipes). I don't know if it's the warm weather or what, but I've been feeling so motivated to be productive. I believe part of it is due to the process I've experienced over the past few months of embracing my calling to be the keeper of my home...I've had a huge shift in mindset and focus. The not-having-a-car for 4 weeks only fueled that fire, and caused me to learn to be content by staying busy caring for my home and family in a way I haven't focused on for awhile.

Oh, and we have one car now! We actually decided to fix the Acura - meaning, we replaced the engine ($3500 - there went that tax refund.) - but it's driving like a young car again (the engine only had 67,000 miles on it). The Volvo is still in the shop. Mark's motorcycle is now running again, but he can't take it every day, depending on weather and timing...we get the car tomorrow. It's amazing how thrilling such a simple thing can be :-D


Melonie said...

They are complete doll babies. The girls are gonna be driving you nuts with the phone calls in a few years. ;-)

Glad you got the Acura up and running - bummer about the tax refund. But it sounds like it's working really well now!

It sounds like the spring cleaning urge most folks get is hitting you a little differently: project time! Yay! When you're ready for a new book - and some projects - do check out The Urban Homestead. I've enjoyed it so far. They've got some info I was already familiar with on the green living/organic gardening side, but there are some great DIY projects in there that will be useful. I would say see if the library has it - so far I'm enjoying it, but I'll post a final review when I get the whole thing read.

Melonie said...

PS Love the template!!!

Melonie said...

I just had to give you this award - I hope it gives you a chuckle!


Laura said...

Cute pictures! Cole looks like Graeme in that last one. I like the video too. Mark looks like he likes blowing things up. :)

Laura said...

I'd love to hear Graeme talking! I know it's hard to get videos of things like that...they get kind of camera shy. But if you could catch it, it would be fun for us to hear. :)