Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Free stuff!

It doesn't get better than free, does it? I am so thankful for all the free stuff we got this weekend.

First, one of our neighbors was about to take this stroller to the Goodwill. Instead she gave it to us! It's barely used! We've used it 3 times already :) It's perfect for going to the mall or the library - I have a double jogging stroller, but it's not exactly portable, like this one is. (Graco DuoGlider - ours is gray/black)

Secondly, the Women of the Chapel hold something called "Families Helping Families" every spring/fall here on-base. It's like a consignment sale (people drop stuff off) - but it's all FREE! First-come, first-serve....my neighbor and I went at 7:30am Saturday morning, and here's what I came home with:

One pile is all maternity stuff - name-brand tops like Liz Lange, Motherhood, Pea in a Pod (again, no, not trying to tell you anything ;)

Second pile is clothes for now (minus the shirt I wore yesterday and one I'm wearing today :)

The rest is clothes for the boys! Pjs, shirts, a few bottoms, and a cute 6-9 mo. elephant outfit from Gymboree...all name brand stuff that is in good to great condition.

All in all, we came away from the weekend with probably around $500 worth (full-price) of stuff that we can use immediately. And it was FREE!!! What a blessing!

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Michelle @ Find Your Balance said...

Oh was it like a clothes swap? I'm trying to arrange one of those for my friends. No one has extra cash for new clothes but everyone has old-but-goodies in their closet they are tired of!

Melonie said...

YAY! Totally awesome! I just offered a big box of my son's things to my neighbor who has a little boy not quite 2 mos old. A new friend took a bag of things that were my daughter's as well. I've gotten tons of hand-me-downs from friends for my kids - it's just as fun to be able to pass them along as it is to get 'em.

The stroller - YAY!!!! That is a seriously great pass along. enjoy!!! :-)

Anonymous said...
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Amanda said...

Michelle - no, it wasn't quite a clothes swap...you didn't have to bring anything in order to shop. It was like a consignment sale in that people dropped off clothes Friday evening (whoever wanted to) and then whoever wanted to shop came on Saturday morning. Does that make sense? So, I didn't bring anything - but I still got all this stuff :) As my husband says, now we have to pass on the "luv" whenever we have an opportunity!

seamwrite said...

Our church in Bolingbrook did a twice-annual clothing swap, very popular. Pastor did not want to do it originally, but now he is stuck because people love it and it is such a blessing. Some expanded it to include toys and homeschool peripherals, the source of many of the grandboys "toy stash." I'm so happy for you!

sunnymum said...

That's wonderful! I would love to host a similar swap, but our church already has a thrift store, so people aren't keen on the idea. Maybe we can do a modified version of the idea.

Laura said...

Nice! I can't believe you got that stroller for free!