Saturday, July 26, 2008

Macy's SUPER clearance!

We went to Macy's this morning to return 2 outfits Great-Grandma Evans had given Graeme - they were the wrong size for the season he'd be wearing them, so we had to take them back :( BUT - for the price of those two outfits, we bought over 20 pieces of clothing - that's right, TWENTY....including several t-shirts that were $1/piece, two pairs of super-cute seersucker shorts to wear for Daddy's graduation, and various and asundry other items. I even bought some girl summer clothes, in case this one is a girl :-)

All summer clothes are on clearance, PLUS take an additional 40% off the clearance price!


Laura said...

You're kidding me! Joshua and I went to the mall during naptime today and got a few good deals at Dillards and JCPenney, but I bypassed Macy's because I was tired and I almost never find anything there. Now I'm going to have to go back! You should post a picture of your deals!! Sounds like you got some great bargains.

Amanda said...

LOL! I'm sorry you missed it - definitely go back if you can :)

I will take a picture of some of the things, but I can't take a picture of all of them, because some of them might be gifts for your next little one - which I'm crossing my fingers is another boy ;-)

Laura said...

Oh, I see. :) I didn't post pictures of my JCPenney deals for the same reason!

Nikki said...

I will have to check it out. Thanks for letting us know.