Saturday, July 19, 2008

Look mom!

So he discovered mud this week...Oh the joy of the slimy feeling of mud through your fingers! And isn't he having fun with it???
He was a MESS!!!


Anonymous said...

Look at that boy! My goodness, he is SUCH a mess. Oh well, I am afraid he inherited the dirt-fascination. . . ; )
Not a bad thing though. I am glad to see he is discovering his world.

seamwrite said...

Are you sure your sister didn't teach him a few new things while she was there? If he starts making and drying mud "rocks" just pass him the paint brush! Anyway, boys and mud go together. His dad has been "playing" in the mud a bit lately, too!

Hug the boy for me - mud and all!

Laura said...

You're a brave mama. :) I don't go there, but I guess I have good reason when I would have to multiply the clean-up times four (five if you include me)! He looks like he's having fun!