Saturday, July 19, 2008

I actually knit for my own child!

Finally, I buckled down and refused to do any more customs until I finished a pair of shorts for my own son. This colorway is a custom done by Trish of Candypantsyarns - I told her I wanted a patriotic colorway with army green in it - she did exactly what I was hoping for!

Now, who can tell me who this picture reminds you of? This is my test to see who is reading this blog LOL - you'd have to know my family well to know the answer ;)

And, finally, Graeme has developed a fascination for planes. We go on walks frequently, and our subdivision is located under a fairly consistent air-traffic pattern, apparently, for our local private we often hear the planes in the mornings and evenings. He loves to try to find it in the sky.


Anonymous said...

Ok, I'm lost. I don't know who the picture reminds you of. . . the only possibility I can think of would be Dad, the way he leans to the side like that with his knee bent. ????
The woolies are adorable!!! I hope you posted those on your website/blog for your customers to see. I never would have even thought to combine the red,white, & blue with the green, but it looks great! How long did it take you to finish them?
Well, I'm going to call you tomorrow, so luv ya! TTYL

Amanda said...

No, the second picture, silly! You of all people should know the answer to this question! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Oh. . . ME! LOL ;)

seamwrite said...

Who else - running with tongue hanging out of the mouth? Teach him now, Amanda, before he bites through it! Tongue biting only while hugging, okay? Love you, Mom

P.S. his woolies are so cute!

IF said...