Sunday, July 13, 2008

I know, I've been quiet!

But there are many good reasons!

Melissa came for a visit last week, and we were busy of course - playing with Graeme, shopping, goofing off, talking, etc...we went to the zoo, started my long-delayed scrapbook of Graeme's first year...and loved on Graeme a lot :) She's sending me the pictures from her camera, because they're mostly all on there - I'll share soon!

As a kind-of surprise birthday gift, my family gave $$ towards a plane ticket for me to go see Mark last weekend! It was absolutely wonderful to see him and spend time together. He was confined to base on Sunday, unfortunately - one of those situations where it was no one's fault, but the whole platoon had to take the consequences - but at least we still got to spend most of the day together. Brian and Alyssa were so kind to transport me back and forth from the Richmond airport - the dreaded traffic on 95 was horrendous on Sunday! We'll be avoiding the interstate as much as possible when we're living there, that's for sure. I did have a few hours Sunday morning to check out the area and discover that we'll want to live in Stafford, which is about 10-15 minutes down Highway 1 from Mark will spend some time looking at houses, and I need to do some internet house-hunting. We're hoping to be able to rent at least a townhouse - something bigger than an apartment. There are tons of things for rent there, of course, since it's a military town.

So this week we've been getting back to "just us". The first few days were an adjustment, but we're doing well. Graeme is once again teething...the poor child always gets a bunch in all at once. All of the eye teeth are coming in right now - top and bottom! Ack! The two bottom have popped through a bit, thankfully. More on him coming up :)

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