Monday, September 29, 2008

Six of my quirks (thankfully, only six)

Ivy tagged me to share 6 of my unspectacular quirks. Wish my husband was here, because he'd have no trouble helping me with this one, I'm sure. Neither would my sister or mother LOL!

So here are the tag rules
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What is a "quirk", anyway? (from Wikipedia)
A quirk is an odd habit. Most dictionaries list this word's origin as "unknown". However, as the surname arises from the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, and because the island is somewhat notorious for idiosyncratic behaviors, we may find the word's origins there.Manx surnames have fluctuated in their pronunciations and, hence, their spellings. Prior to the twentieth century, the most common variant for this "phylum" was Quark.
Amanda's Un-fabulous Quirks (some of these are more like confessions):

1. I've developed a preference for iced coffee in the morning. So I brew the coffee, put 1/2 cup milk in it, fill the mug the rest of the way with ice, and that's how I like it. I don't like it hot very much - only if I get a coffee out do I like it hot (like at Starbucks - I tried their pumpkin spice coffee last week - Graeme and I treated ourselves (he got some new little cars and IFabulous got a coffee) - it was YUMMY!)

2. I'm a book-starter with a passion. I love starting new books - inspirational, life-changing, desparately needed fabulous ideas....and then the book resigns itself to a nice place on my shelf. :-(
I will say that I tend to actually read through books that tell me "how to", cookbooks, and parenting books for some reason.

3. I am "prone to clutter as the sparks to fly upward". It is one of my great aspirations in life to reform. And I am working on it every day.

4. I don't just *love* to listen to classical music. I'm rather appalled to admit that, but it's true. I do have moods where I want to listen to something specific, and there are CDs that have collections of great classical pieces that I enjoy listening to from time to time - but I am by no means an avid classical music enthusiast. And I honestly just do not enjoy listening to classical piano music. I can't enjoy it.

5. I need to brush my teeth before I take my shower.

6. I prefer only ketchup on hotdogs and hamburgers, and chicken fingers. My husband think that is a very strange habit. I can eat them with mustard or mayonnaise or sauce, but I just like ketchup best.


seamwrite said...

good collection of quirks, actually! I doubt that I would add anything if given the opportunity :-) Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow, I sure would have no problem adding a few extra from my perspective. (JK :)
I didn't know you have a thing about brushing your teeth before you take a shower! Is that new?

Talk to you later sometime this week. . . Luv ya bunches. ; )

seamwrite said...

Do you suppose these things are genetic? You know I do the toothbrushing thing, too... Or maybe it's true that habits are caught, not taught LOL!

Amanda said...

I don't know when I started wanting to brush my teeth before showering - it hasn't always been that way, I just know that's how I am now. I feel like a revived person if my teeth are brushed.