Saturday, September 13, 2008

Baby #2 update

Thought it's about time to get a post up here - if you're still reading this, kudos to you and I'm sorry I've been so quiet. I've got some pictures to upload soon, so stay tuned ;-)

My due date has been moved up to Nov. 10, and I'm measuring 2 cm. big, so *maybe* this baby is coming sooner than later :-) I'm just hoping it's here before Thanksgiving!

We still don't know the gender, and might not, which is fine with me at this point. We're having to work around insurance, doctor stuff - so we may not get in for a sonogram before baby gets here. Then again, we might! I'd love to know so I can stock up on clothes, since we don't have cold-weather clothes for a newborn, but I can get some gender neutral things for the first week, and I'm sure my mother or sister will be happy to head out to the near-by Carters outlet and stock up for me after the baby arrives - it'd be a drag, I'm sure, but they'll sacrificially do it LOL!

I've had several appointments with my new midwife here in VA, who is just great. Baby was in a good position this last Thursday, and feels like a good, healthy size - not "too big"...I keep getting comments from people "When are due?" (I say, Nov. 10) "No way, are you sure? Are you having twins???!!" And then I laugh half-heartedly and say, no, ha ha. I think I'm just short-waisted and carry all in front. All in all, I feel better and (feel like) I look better than I did with Graeme, so that's a positive. No swelling yet (and I was already quite swollen by now with Graeme), lots of energy, though I am hot all the time - looking forward to this weather cooling off. The only problem with that, is I'm going to need cold-weather pregnancy clothes for only 6 weeks...bleh. I'm going to try to buy as few pieces as I can to layer and get me by - this pregnancy has spanned three seasons, and as usual, three sizes (sm for the first 2 months, med after that, and now into some larges).

I am seeing a wonderful chiropractor, Dr. David Capps and his wife, Lola, who are continuing the Webster technique, which I started with a chiro in Augusta at about 20 weeks. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can really help encourage good positioning, and I am determined to do everything I can this time to help that. Graeme's c-section was due to poor positioning, I have been told that by both the attending doctor and my midwives. Upon looking back, I can see things I could have done to at least help that. Seeing a chiro, better sitting positions, a more careful diet - last time, I reclined in the sofa quite a bit that last trimester b/c of my swollen feet, which is one of the worst things you can do as far as encouraging a good this time, I am working on sitting upright, walking more, cutting back on refined sugars and high-fat foods (like my dearly loved favorite, milkshakes), all to try to keep from growing a huge baby and helping him/her be in a good position. This article gave me a lot of ideas.

This baby kicks a lot more than Graeme did :-) Maybe that's an indication of personality, I don't know! Graeme was pretty content to snuggle in my tummy - he'd move around at night, but pretty reserved besides that.

If we get a sonogram, I'll be sure to post what the baby is and pictures. Otherwise, it'll be a surprise. Mark says the only "problem" with that is we have to come up with TWO names LOL - we have a hard enough time deciding on just one. Ah, well.


seamwrite said...

I'm still reading! Love your long chatty updates - it seems phone calls, no matter how long, are just inadequate to say everything. I HAVE enjoyed listening to Graeme's "chatting" and look forward to the day when he can truly chat with me and know who he is speaking with. Love you, Mom

seamwrite said...

And by the way, you KNOW I'll be happy to go shopping for baby clothes! Love, Mom

Amanda said...

Yeah, I knew it'd be a sacrifice Mom ;-) Especially with these great outlet stores - Gap, Children's Place, Carters, OshKosh...they're all 10 minutes away!

IF said...

Aha! Here is the answer! Iza was born November 8th! Maybe they will have the same due date. To my suprise Olivia was a day before her due date and Iza was almost 2 weeks late. Prayers were answered in such a special way with Olivia. She arrived a day after my mom came to help us. God is so good.