Thursday, November 6, 2008

Early Christmas present - BRIO!

So our son is definitely all-boy. We found a Brio train table with a full set of tracks and lots of trains on Craigslist for $200! (Exactly like this one) Came with, I don't know, 50+ pieces of track; several buildings and stations and bridges and stuff; and maybe 25+ trains/vehicles! Considering some of the trains themselves are $50 and the stations and such are $20+ each, and all the track...we were SO excited to find it!

It's in great shape (the only catch is they GLUED the track together - it's like hot glue or something, so it comes apart fairly easily and is cleaning up fine - but I would have never imagined to GLUE the track together! That's the whole point, right? Creativity? Design?) It will be part of his Christmas present from us and I believe one of his grandparents wanted to contribute :-)

Graeme needed NO instruction. He sat by the car for the longest time, taking each train out of the bag, one by one, playing with it, making "choo-choo" sounds...he was completely focused and amazed! The timing of this is perfect, as he has just in the past few weeks started *really* "playing" with vehicles, legos, stuff like that - putting them together, making noises, scooting them around - spending lengthy amounts of time doing this. So this track is going to give him hours of play for many, many years to come - and his brother I'm sure will enjoy it too!


Katy said...

What an awesome find! He will have many hours of fun and creative play with that set. :)

Laura said...

What a great deal!! I'm sure Graeme will be busy with those for a long time. I have to admit that I sort of understand gluing the tracks together. I wouldn't do it because it does defeat a lot of the purpose like you said, but if we had that many pieces of train track in our house they would end up EVERYWHERE!!! :)

seamwrite said...

Clearly no instruction manual required - what fun! How about a video with some "choo choo" fun? No pressure - just a suggestion for your free time (HA!). Praying that little brother will arrive soon and according to "plan." Love you, Mom