Monday, October 27, 2008

Birth Plan Rough Draft

I thought I'd share my rough-draft of our birth plan. Feel free to make suggestions. The parts under each section (During Labor, After Labor, etc) are bullet-ed in the document - I can't get that to happen in this post, so it's a little jumbled looking.

Birth Plan for: Amanda Marie Evans , due 11/10/08
My support people will be my husband, Lt. Mark D. Evans, and my doula, Sarah Winfrey, CD

I am pursuing a VBAC after an unplanned cesarean with my first child, now 19months old. I am aware of the risks associated with a VBAC, and have done all I can during this pregnancy to stay healthy, encourage optimal fetal positioning, and prepare for a natural birth. I will greatly appreciate the support and expertise of the staff to help me achieve a healthy, natural vaginal birth.

During Labor....
I prefer to have a heparin or saline lock.
I would like to use the wireless fetal monitor, if available.
I plan to not use medications, so please refrain from offering them. I am aware of my options and will ask for them if I change my mind.
I would like the atmosphere of the room to be as calm and quiet as possible. I would like dim lighting as much as possible, and would ask the staff to help keep the atmosphere relaxed.
Ultimately, I want to be able to walk around and move as I wish while in labor.
Please perform the minimal number of vaginal exams.

During Birth...
I would like as much freedom of positioning during birth as possible. I'd prefer pushing in a squatting or semi-upright position, including using a squat bar or being supported by my husband.
If possible, I'd appreciate warm compresses and/or perineal massage during birthing to avoid tearing, if the members of the staff are comfortable with doing that.
I would like to use spontaneous, self-directed pushing. Please refrain from counting or directing my breathing.
I prefer not to have a routine episiotomy, and would rather experience a natural tear if necessary.

After Birth...
I would like to bond with my baby immediately after delivery, unless medically indicated. Please delay eye drops and Vit. K shot until after the breastfeeding period.
My baby is to be exclusively breastfed – please don't offer him bottles, pacifiers or supplements.
We do not want our baby to be circumcised.
I would like continuous contact with my baby unless a medical situation arises that requires separation.
Please ask before administering any vaccinations.

In the event of an emergency cesarean...
Please allow my husband as much access to the baby as possible, since I will not be able to bond/breastfeed immediately afterwards.
As soon as it is medically possible, I'd like to have the opportunity to breastfeed and bond with the baby.
I'd prefer the minimal amount of sedative medication afterwards, in order to be able to breastfeed the baby.

Thank you for being a part of our birth. We respect and appreciate your assistance and experience.


Laura said...

Sounds clear and concise to me! I'm so glad that you found a doula.

That little stand that you want for Graeme is neat. I've seen those too and thought that they would be great for the kitchen. No one has fallen off of a chair in our kitchen yet, but it's bound to happen sometime!

IF said...

That sounds really good! We will be praying for you! I hated that fetal monitor that wrapped around me, but I am so happy in the long run that I put up with it. That is so very cool that they have a wireless one here! Awesome!!! It showed a serious problem right before Olivia's birth and the doctor was able to stretch things and do something to the cord that was around Olivia's neck and fix the problem. I really like the birth ball a lot but when the contractions got really bad I just wanted to lay down. They also made me stay in the bed after they broke my water :(. I didn't like how high my legs were in the stirrups during delivery and I can't help but wonder if it would have been easier a different way. Anyways, I thought the predundal block was very helpful in that last little stretch, but I haven't done it without one so I don't know really how helpful it was. I couldn't handle the pain of her stretching things with her hands until I got that block. I also had a pitocin induction and they turned it way down when I got to 8 cm in Poland. That seemed to help. But really my labor went super fast after they broke my water. Praising the lord it was only an our and a half of severe pain. The worst was getting stitched up without any numbing medicine! I guess they don't have lidacane there? Who knows. They told me I could be put to sleep totally or put up with the pain. Anyways, The no pacifier is great! Olivia is a way better nurser and she didn't have a pacy until she was 5 days old!! Poland is big on no pacy's for breastfeeding mom's so that was good. I had such a hard time nursing Iza in the hospital. I think a lot had to do with the pacifier and not getting to hold her on my chest for a long time right after birth. They put Olivia on my chest right after birth in Poland and it was a good hour or two before they took her to clean her up. I was starting to think I would have to give her a bath until they took her to clean her up. They put the drops in her eyes while she was in my arms. I think it made breastfeeding much much easier.
Praying for you!

I hope you have a great day!

seamwrite said...

You go girl! I'm proud of you. Love, Mom

IF said...

I also hope and pray Graeme is feeling better!!

Amanda said...

Ivy - thanks! Graeme is feeling much better - bouncing off the walls, actually LOL!

Maybe next time you can try pushing/birthing in a different position. Pushing on my back KILLED - I couldn't stand it!

And, ouch! Nothing for the stitching afterwards?? Maybe I should confirm that they will use something - that sounds more painful than childbirth itself!

Laura -
I think you all need one of those stands too :)

AudreyAA said...

Hey, Amanda,

Just a note. I delivered Daniel on my side. WOW was it easy. I had always wanted to try and my "hippie" dr. let me do whatever I wanted basically. It was very restful.

Regarding stitching. I only had stitches with Jeremy, #1. After that I didn't need any. Really if you are able to deliver slowly there shouldn't be a need. Evening Primrose oil down there before labor is supposed to help.

Audrey Ateca

AudreyAA said...

One more thing. With Daniel I had the "baby instructions" written out separately. OUr dr. personally walked those down to the nursery workers and said, "this is what will happen". Because of my gest. Diabetes, I didn't want water, etc. given in bottles. I wanted to nurse. Anyway, maybe having the baby istructions in a separate document might be handy.

Amanda said...

Audrey - thanks! Those are some great things to know. I didn't think about putting the baby's instructions separately, but that's a great idea. Especially in the case of an emergency, if I'm under anesthesia or something and they have to take the baby away - it'd be good to send something with them to make clear what we do/don't want done.

I'll keep pushing on my side in mind!

My midwife had me start taking EPO around 34 weeks, so I'm hoping that will help keep that cervix stretchy.