Monday, August 3, 2009

5 Dangerous Things You Should Let your Kids Do

My sister-in-law, Laura, posted a few months ago about something that made me really think about how often I say "Be Careful" to my oldest son. Additionally, my dear husband often has to instruct me about what to expect with my boys - the first time he told me he wants our older boys (like 8+) to know how to use a firearm, I loudly (okay, shockingly and insistently) objected! So the more I think on this topic, the more humble I become in realizing how important, indeed, vital it is that our children (boys AND girls) become confident using even "dangerous" items, because it is inherent in the human make-up to rule over the laws of this universe - to discover them, figure them out and then utilize them.

Take, for example, all forms of transportation - the inventors had to know all sides of the laws of motion (including the effects of falling down and, say, breaking an arm ACK!) in order to create the objects we use today, whether the skateboard or the automobile.

Granted, when I watched Graeme, my two year old, climbing up the park ladder for the first time (you know, those ones with the big holes that go up high and he could FALL OFF AND BREAK HIS LEG!), I was hovering like a mother chicken and telling him to be careful. Sigh. Hopefully I can get over that, step back, and rest in the confidence that my children know their own limits and are capable of such things. Gradually, I am.

At least I was cheering him on! :-)


Laura said...

We're with you on the firearms!! Boys and girls should know how to respect and use them properly.

My struggle is knowing when to stand back and when to step in. Children do know their limits in some things, but they don't in others (at least mine don't!). None of my children can swim well enough to keep themselves from drowning if they fell into the pool, though Esther thinks that she does. :) Joshua, on the other hand, doesn't think that he can do some things that he is perfectly capable of doing, and therefore needs some encouragement and nudging. Finding the balance is hard for me. Throw in the fact that boys and girls are different and it gets even harder! There is so much to parenting that I never knew existed. It seemed quite simple and straightforward until I had children! :)

Nikki said...

I don't know if my children are just more cautious, or I am more laid back than you and Laura, but I rarely say, "Be careful." When I do, it's usually because one of them is about to go headfirst off the back of the couch onto the hardwood floor.

However, it is still good to be reminded that boys are more adventurous and should be. God created them that way.