Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Under Construction

A fitting title for both the blog and my life right now! My blog is getting a re-vamp (again, I know). We're settling into our house here in FL...and it seems like every area I'd found a balance in the past year is getting re-hauled. Life-changes have a way of doing that, I suppose. We were in quite a groove when it came to our daily routine, meal planning, etc! So while we settle in once more, I'll get back to blogging more frequently - have lots of pictures to share and news to talk about.

Meanwhile, we are loving living within 20 minutes of the beach! Here's one of Graeme's favorite pasttimes:

And, one of Cole's (ha ha!) Aren't they so sweet when they sleep?


IF said...

That is awesome that you are so close to the beach! How did I miss the fact that you were moving to FL!!! That is a huge change! Moving with little ones is hard!

Melonie said...

So glad to hear (read!) you're getting settled in. :-) I need to get back to blogging again too. But it's so nice to be AWAY from the computer sometimes!

Love the pix. And the new look of the blog is AMAZING. I dig it!

barefoot in gitchigumee said...

Ah! Hi, did not know you moved;) Glad to hear things are settling down for you, they sure are winding up here, baby coming soon! Hugs to you all, xo Jayna