Friday, June 5, 2009

Week of Milestones!

The classic military joke is that it's only when the husband leaves that the car breaks down and the kids get sick. Thankfully, the car did not break down, but Mark has been gone all week in the field (the last one, yey!), and wouldn't ya know, we've had a busy week! WOW, talk about milestones:

1. Potty Training

Monday morning, Graeme sat down on his potty and peed. Just like that. And he's still doing it! Hasn't gone #2 in the potty yet.

I wasn't "ready"! Kids don't wait for us to be ready, though, do they?

2. First foods

Cole is eating avocado and seems to like it fairly well, don't you think?

3. Adventures of the Toddler Bed

Graeme is experimenting with the wonderful freedom he's discovered: no crib rails! It's been a bit of a trying week at times, for me, as I attempted to discern what was teething issues and what was an issue of the will - as the week went on, I realized this was a battle of wills. Last night and today were better, thankfully!

4. Toddler Molars

Graeme's baby-teething was remarkably "easy", but I think he's making up for it with his toddler molars. Extra fussiness, not wanting to eat as much as usual, more nursing than normal, messed-up sleeping get the idea. I think the bottom two are done erupting, but the top two are just beginning (sigh).

He's got a beautiful smile, though, doesn't he? :)

5. Cole's first tooth!

At long last, we have a tooth. One of the bottom front erupted last night. And as is appropriate for my laid-back fellow, he did nothing unusual (let's hope all his teething is that easy LOL!)

You can't see it yet through a picture. But Cole willingly posed for me anyway.


Myra said...

Wow, Amanda! You have had a busy week! I'm glad that Cole likes the avocado. I'm getting ready to let Ridley try some. Today he completely LOVED sampling my green breakfast smoothie. After letting him suck some off my finger, I used a spoon and he did so well. I'm not sure I'm ready for him to grow up. ;(

Anonymous said...

Amanda!!!!! Cole is SOOOOOOoooo adorable! My goodness, look at those cheeks, that cute smile, and big eyes. ; ) He has gotten so big, I wish I could have seen each stage he's gone through up close and personal. Love you lots! - Melissa

Melonie said...

A week of real milestones! They are such adorable boys. :-)

Know what you mean about the car. Glad you didn't have problems with yours. LOL After we were just getting settled here and I'd only been driving 2 days, hubby headed to a school. Our car started having problems a week before he got back. I took it in thinking YOU COULDN'T MAKE IT THAT ONE MORE WEEK? haha

Laura said...

Lots going on at your house last week. You'll have to keep us updated on the potty training! Cute pictures!

IF said...

I love the pictures and post!!!! They are so adorable! Avocado sounds soo good! Sometimes, I can find it at the store here.

Lisa said...

Wow, what a week you have had, and all alone without daddy there! My Alyssa was the same way no issues with her teething until the molars came, in fact I did not even know she had teeth, it was like they just popped out over night with no warning. Well with as busy as this week has been for you, I pray next week will be a breeze!