Monday, December 8, 2008


I made homemade playdough for Graeme today...I've made it before, but liked this batch better - it will keep for 6 months (so the recipe says). Today was Mark's first day back to work :-( so I wanted to give Graeme a project. He's sitting here right now playing with it again, so I think it's a hit! (If anyone would like the recipe, post in the comments and I'll post it for you.)

Graeme's vocabulary is expanding - he learned two words today: playdough ("dough-dough") and snowman ("mo-man"). "bowl" and "oil" are two other recent additions to his vocabulary. Oil is funny - it sounds like "whooo-eeel" and he likes to repeat it over and over.

Footnote: And the last pic isn't the greatest of me - I didn't get my makeup on until later in the day. At least I managed a shower before breakfast - I was very glad for that LOL! (Cole slept in...wish he'd continue that trend, but I know that won't necessarily last for long.)


Katy said...

Oh come on now, you look beautiful without makeup! :) Cute pics!

IF said...

You look great! How are you feeling? the getting out of the door with 2 is tough! The play dough looked so fun! Iza loves play dough too. I let her play at the table in her seat and it keeps her occupied for a long time! I love it. We have been using christmas cookie cutters in it lately too. Fun stuff!

I remember those showerless days... hang in there!
hugs to you!